Main Building - Yukon log home

General information

  • Log home dimensions: 16' x 18' inside + 10' x 12' addition + porch
  • Both rooms round logs, scribefit with dovetail corners
  • Completed in 2010
  • Timber frame roof construction
  • Large bedroom upstairs (16' x 18')
  • Storage in attic (10' x 12')
  • House has basement, but not full standing hight (appr. 4.5' clearance)
  • Heat from woodstove

Electric power supply

  • Solar panels (1800 Watts at 24 Volt)
  • 1 inverter 150 Watts - 120 Volt 60Hz
  • 1 inverter 4000 Watts - 120/240 Volt 60Hz

Water storage

  • Drinking water storage capacity: 1400 liters
  • Running and pressurized cold water
  • Running hot water from solar (appr. March to October, depending on weather)

Freezer and cool space

  • Basement keeps produce cool and dark, lots of dry storage space
  • Energy-efficient freezer in shed close to house - runs on solar
  • Freezer supplies ice for cool space.

Guest Cabin - great for rental income

  • 14' x 18' inside + 14' x 8' loft bedroom
  • Log home, 4-sided logs with dove-tail corners
  • 250 sq ft downstairs
  • 112 sq ft loft with ground-level queen bed
  • Electric power supply from solar panels: 500W, 24V
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Cold storage space
  • Running water in kitchen sink (gravity fed)
  • 200 litre water tank
  • Gas range for cooking, wood stove for heat
  • Porch with private backyard
  • Guest outhouse
  • Timber-framed woodshed

Workshop/Heated Garage - Lots of space for all all your dreams and tools

  • Drive-in workshop dimensions 16' x 28' (outside) + 8' x 28'lean-to
  • Workshop with 1 door, 1 gate, winterized, woodstove
  • Power supply via inverter at the main house (120V/240V)
  • Workshop attic great for storage 16' x 28'


  • Water tower: 6,000 liter/1,250 gallon capacity
  • Second guest cabin 8' x 10' (outside), stick frame. Includes woodstove, single bed and efficient use of space
  • Fenced in vegetable garden with well-nourished and lovingly worked soil
  • 2 outhouses (large guest/rental cabin has its own outhouse)
  • Compost and large field for additional agriculture
  • 1 woodshed at 4 cords capacity + 1 wood/tool shed which holds garden tools and freezer + ca. 3 cords wood

Location and Property

  • This Yukon property (5 acres) with solar-powered log home, shop and rental cabin is located 6k upstream of Dawson City. Sunnydale is well known for its fertile soil and south-facing slopes that provided the Klondike with agricultural products during the gold rush era.
  • To get here you take a 5 minute ferry ride/ice bridge crossing and then enjoy an 8km scenic drive on the Top Of The World Highway and Sunnydale Road with views over the Klondike and Yukon Valleys.
  • No municipal utilities available. However, there is cell/internet reception that makes it possible to live an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle while also staying in touch with the world.


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